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Established in 2023, Vectrix began as a small but ambitious team, aware of the growing demand for inventive, impactful solutions in the fast-paced digital era. Our expertise lies in blending creativity with generative AI technology to help businesses excel.

AI Innovation Studio

In a world driven by rapid technological advancements, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success. Our experienced AI experts guide you.


Providing guidance on leveraging AI to advance your company with current technologies.



Meet team Vectrix

Ben Selleslagh


Meet Ben, a pivotal player and Co-Founder at Vectrix. With a rich background as a data professional, Ben brings his diverse experience from banking, government, and media sectors into the mix. He's skilled in crafting and executing data-driven strategies that sync perfectly with business goals. His expertise in Google Cloud technology makes him a wizard at building scalable and efficient data architectures.

At Vectrix, Ben applies his know-how to innovate and drive our data and AI solutions, always with an eye on efficiency and scalability, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of AI technology.

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Dimitri Allaert


Meet Dimitri Allaert, a driving force and Co-Founder at Vectrix. With roots in medical engineering and a history in the pharmaceutical world, Dimitri brings a different twist to our AI solutions. He kicked off his journey co-founding BUFFL, a market research platform, and then moved on in 2021 to dive into AI and emerging tech.

At Vectrix, he's all about smart strategies and putting customers first, helping steer us towards exciting new developments in AI.

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