Experts in training Small Language Models (SLMs)

At Vectrix, we're your go-to experts in training Small Language Models (SLMs) and offline models on business data. Think of us as your tech-savvy friends who not only develop these cutting-edge models but also rigorously evaluate them against benchmarks for objective validation. With our versatile platform, you have the flexibility to choose between a DIY approach or collaborating with our experts. We specialize in crafting AI solutions that align with your business needs, making complex tech simple.
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Services we provide


Providing guidance on leveraging AI to advance your company with current technologies.

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Creating custom solutions with a blend of existing platforms and our innovations.

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Developing unique AI products and components in-house when market solutions are unavailable.

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How do we achieve results?


Discoverey call

We start with a conversation to determine if our AI solutions match your specific challenges.


AI Feasibility Check

Following our initial discussion, we'll thoroughly assess the data, platforms, and technology required to implement the AI solution you have in mind.


MVP Development

We focus on creating a Minimum Viable Product, integrating essential features and functionality to demonstrate the core capabilities of the AI solution.


Full Product

Our team finalizes the product, ensuring it's both aesthetically pleasing and intuitively functional, fully tailored to meet your business needs.